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Winter is a great time to catch Australian bass on jerkbaits like the Daiwa Double Clutch.

It’s Cold and Clear

Cold and clear water is perfect for fishing a jerkbait. The edges of the lakes is the place to be and if there’s weed, timber and rock a jerkbait is a great lure to use.

The technique is simple. Cast the lure out (either using spin or baitcaster gear), crank it down a few turns, then start an erratic retrieve of pauses and twitches, making sure to mix it up to work out what the fish want on the day. 

I See

Using a bright coloured lure like the Lemon Sight Special coloured Double Clutch makes jerkbaiting incredibly visual. In the clear water you’ll be able to see your lure and watch it dart and move through the water.

You won’t always feel a fish eat your lure when jerkbaiting, but when using a bright lure like the Lemon Slight Special you’ll often see the lure move when a fish swipes or strikes at it.

Move It

During the retrieve the pause is very important and pausing the lure for 3-4 seconds is the way to go, followed by a couple of short rips. This will make your Double Clutch dance erratically and dive to about a metre under the water.

Being a suspended lure the Double Clutch will of course suspend when paused, and it’s on the pause that most bass will eat the lure.

It’s a fun and highly addictive way to catch Australian bass, and one of the best ways to catch them during the cold winter months.


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