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Setting up a baitcaster can be a challenge for beginners, so let’s help make the introduction as trouble free as possible. There are two types of baitcasters, barrel and low profile, let’s run through how to get them set up.

Two of a Kind

A baitcaster has two components, the spool tension knob on the handle side of the reel and the mag dial on the opposite side. When it comes to setting up, the first thing you want to adjust is the spool tension knob.

You want to tighten the knob until there is limited sideways movement of spool, however you only want to tighten it enough that when you freespool the reel and allow the lure to hit the ground, the spool doesn’t continue to spin and cause an over run.

Once the spool tension knob is set you then adjust the mag cast control dial on the other side of the reel, adjusting it to suit your casting needs and casting ability.

Zero Control

Some of our newer barrel and low profile baitcasters have a different style of spool tension knob called a Zero Adjuster. Preset in the factory, Zero Adjuster is set to go out of the box and doesn’t need to be adjusted when you first use and set up the reel.

With Zero Adjuster all you now need to do is adjust the mag dial to suit your casting needs and ability. 

So there you have it. A clear, concise and simple run down on setting up a baitcaster. These tips will help you get started with a baitcaster, eliminate any of your backlash issues, help you cast further and more accurately, and get you out on the water fishing.


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