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Setting the hook on fish with a hard mouth can be a real challenge. Learning how to drive the hook into their mouth takes a fair bit of effort and requires a specific technique.

Rod Position

When you work your lure you don’t want to have the rod tip high when pausing the lure during the retrieve. When the rod tip is high it’s the forgiving tip section that comes into play when setting the hook, and unfortunately, there isn’t enough power in the tip to be able to drive the hook home on a hard mouthed fish.

Flat Out

Rather than have the rod tip high you want to have it flat and horizontal when you pause the retrieve. Doing this still retains plenty of slack and room between the rod tip and the water to detect bites but most importantly it puts the rod in a more powerful position to set the hook.

Drive it Home

Now when you do get a bite you can wind and lift at the same time. This allows more of the rod blank to load and more pressure and power to be applied. This allows the hook point to be driven home with far great power and purpose.

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