Product Focus: Black Label 6102LXS - Urban Breaming

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Written by Andrew Badullovich. Most anglers will often travel vast distances to chase those wily bream; but the thing is, some of the best breaming is often in your own back yard!

I recently discovered this when I decided to walk the banks of my local waterway at low tide, whilst flicking a soft plastic at various forms of structure. Some of the areas I was presenting my offering were, wharf pylons, moored boats, and channel edges that were lined with weed. It was weird walking through the streets of town, flicking a lure here and there at likely bream holding structure; however, it was very productive and rewarding. I like this style of fishing as you stay mobile and cover lots of ground in a short time. I have two casts (maximum) at every likely spot, before moving to the next. My theory is: the bream will often strike upon the first cast, then become progressively wary with every cast after that.


The rod I chose for this style of fishing is the Black Label 6102LXS. This rod is 6’10” in length, and has an extra fast taper. The fast taper makes it a good choice when using soft plastic lures as you can work your plastic with the slightest flick of the rod tip. It also provides bulk power to pry fish away from dangerous cover. The line rating is 2-4kg which is perfect for this style of fishing, and I have to say that the 6102LXS is my personal favourite stick within the Black Label range. The cork grips are a pleasure to grasp, and the fuji SIC guides provide tangle free casts. The rod in general is ultra-responsive, and flicks a light lure with pin-point accuracy!


I married my BL 6102LXS with a ballistic EX2500. This reel has great cranking power and speed, which is often needed when fishing close to structure. I have spooled this reel with 6lb J-Braid, and I typically run an 8lb fluorocarbon leader with a heavy drag setting when fishing among the rugged stuff.

I generally travel light, and often throw a few soft-plastic tails in my pocket, along with some leader and a pair of scissors. The only other thing you’ll need is your two feet and a sense of adventure!

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