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English Perch, redfin (or more commonly known as reddies), are a fairly wide spread and highly sort after species with so much on offer. From offering excellent table qualities to great accessibility for both shore based and boating anglers. However, I believe its their willingness to attack just about anything that moves, including each other at times that intrigues anglers the most. Having quite a reputation for their aggressive nature is what also makes redfin a fantastic species to introduce beginners or kids to art of lure fishing.

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Really, you catch fish there?

Redfin are a lot more common than most anglers think and quite regularly show up in some of the most unexpected waterways, only a stone’s throw from civilisation. 

Estate lakes, creeks, rivers, farm dams and reservoirs are all great places to start your search for perch. If you’re a little unsure about a particular spot, then it may pay to do some research beforehand, as other anglers may have noted their past knowledge on fishing the likely looking waterway.

Reddies are an ambush predator, so finding structure can be the key to success. Structure not only provides shelter and protection from predators but also creates a perfect hiding spot to make a surprise attack on any unexpected prey.

Prime examples of habitat:

>> Weed-beds and reeds

>> Rocks and dam walls

>> Jetties, pontoons and bridges

>> Deep drop-offs

Over hanging trees and submerged logs are another favoured spot of the old redfin, especially when spawning is high on the agenda

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What’s the time Mr Redfin?

Unlike some other species, there isn’t too many occasions where redfin won’t eat, making them a great year-round target. The most difficult part is finding where they may be hanging. As water temperatures rise throughout the warmer months, so do the reddies moving up onto shallower ground to forage for food. However, during the cooler months of the year, they do the total opposite and drop off into the deeper sections of a waterway in search of stable water temperatures. Whatever the conditions, be mobile and don’t be afraid to mix things up to find what brings you the best results.

Weapons of choice –

These greedy critters will eat just about anything when it comes to lures and it’s not uncommon for juveniles to attack a lure which is twice the size of themselves. Hard bodied lures are vastly productive when conditions suit, along with surface lures especially throughout the warmer months. Vibes, blades and soft plastics are by far the most common of lure choice for many anglers and for good reason too. Having the ability to cover a range of depths to find just where the redfin may be sitting, is the exact reason why these lures bring the best results. When it comes to colours, the sky’s the limit. Something I have noticed though is their addiction to red and green lures, however this can vary depending on location. Retrieves can also differ between spots but a slow and steady retrieve with a pause in between works best. Never forget to pause a little longer through the cooler months, as the reddies won’t venture as far for a feed. Trout will quite often hang in the same area’s as the redfin, so don’t be surprise if a big angry trout jumps on line.

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Ammunition –

>> Tournament Baby Vibs – Gold Tiger and Bronze Shad

>> Silver Wolf Slippery Dog – Pink Suji and Citrus Herring

>> Yogiri 4F and 4DSP – Wild Pond Gill and Brown Iwashi

>> Prolure Grub – UV Bloodworm

>> Prolure Paddle Grub – Mango Shrimp

>> Ecogear VX 40’s – colour 421

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Select a gear –

Whether you’re chasing bream one day or trout the next, it’s hard to steer past the ever reliable 2-4kg spin outfit. The same goes when targeting redfin.

>> 1000-2500 size reels

>> 1-4kg or 2-4kg rods from 6-7ft in length

>> 6-10lb braid

>> 2-3 metres of 6-8lb fluorocarbon will keep your presentation invisible, even in quite clear water.

Snap clips are a handy option, which aids in quick and easy lure changes.

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