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Stream trout can be one of the best fish to cut your teeth with lure fishing. They are generally not that fussy, are in abundance in the southern states and take you out into some amazing parts of the country.

These tips will point you in the right direction on catching your first trout, or helping your catch rates increase.




Always fish upstream. Trout will face into the current, sneaking up behind them out of their range of vision is key. Trout are very wary, especially in clear and or shallow water, so stealth and not being seen is the key.

Be stealthy. As per the first tip, trout are very wary, so keep your noise down, keep a small profile and use long casts and light fluorocarbon leader where possible.

Wet wade. Whether it be in waders or shorts and old shoes, wading can be a big benefit, as it gives much better access to all parts of the river and can help you get much better and more effective casting angles and distances. Always beware of fast flowing water though.

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Wear polarized sunglasses. Generally trout streams are nice and clear, so the prospect of seeing trout in their feeding positions is quite high, polarized sunnies will dramatically help you spot these trout. Sunnies also allow you to see if any trout are following your lures, as this can help you tune your offering to get them to actually eat your lure.

Light spin gear is best as you will be making hundreds of casts and don’t want sore hands and arms at the end of the day. Daiwa make numerous 1-3kg 6-7ft long rods suitable for stream trout. One of my favourites though, is the Generation Black drunknmonkey (6101ULFS), matched with a 2004 TD Sol 2 reel and loaded with 6lb J-Braid and a 4lb fluorocarbon leader. These great workhorse reels will give you years and years of trouble free service and will no doubt take you on some great trout fishing adventures. But if you want to treat yourself to some high-end gear then have a look at Daiwa’s Presso and Silver Creek model rods and reels. Designed specifically for trout fishing, these rods and reels really are the highest performing trout gear you can get your hands on.

Daiwa, Daiwa fishing tips, trout, fishing, adventure, spring, how to


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