Best Applications: Daiwa Saltwater Baits

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Mebachi Popper: A great option for a wide range of saltwater species, with a wire-through design and rigged with stout Owner Hyperwire split rings and VMC 8527 hooks, this bait is built to hold up to the toughest of saltwater predators. From coast to coast whether you are chasing Striped Bass, Bluefish, Tuna, Dorado, etc the Mebachi Popper is desgined to help you land the big ones. With a large cupped lip and a slightly smaller profile than most large saltwater poppers, the Mebachi is more versatile and allows you to fish for a wider range of target species. 


SP Minnow: Salt Pro Minnows lures catch a huge variety of game fish all across the country. Truly one of the most versatile lures on the market, the wide range of sizes and versions available allow you to choose the perfect model for your target species. An extremely versatile, long casting bait designed for a fast, ripping style retrieve that produces an erratic side-to-side swimming action. This bait is deadly all around the country whether you are fishing off the coast of California, the beaches of the Northeast or the reefs of Florida. One of the most effective and proven baits available. Available in Floating, Sinking and Bullet (fast sinking). 

Floating- available in three models.
13F: 5 1/8", 7/8 oz
15F: 6", 1 1/9 oz
17F: 6 3/4", 1 5/8 oz

Sinking- available in two models.
15S: 6", 1 1/4 oz
17S: 6 3/4", 1 7/8 oz

Bullet: One model available.
15FS: 6", 2 1/8 oz

Casting Jigs-

Zakana Jigs: An extremely versatile casting jig, the Zakana can be fished for just about anything you are targeting- fresh or salt. With smaller models down to just 3" and 20 grams it is the perfect option for inshore fishing or even freshwater bass, striper, walleye and panfish. A wide range of sizes goes up to our xl-sized130 gram jig which can be casted or even jigged in deep water. This allows you to fish for smaller freshwater and inshore species, as well as the largest of saltwater species and everything in between. What helps the Zakana to stand out against the rest of the metal casting jigs out there is the line tie. A horizontal line tie is unique to Zakana, as most others are vertical. This allows the bait to achieve an unmatched side to side wobble on the retrieve, maximizing action and drawing in more fish.
7 sizes available-
20g, 30g, 40g, 60g, 80g, 100g, 130g


Mr Slow Jigs: A flat sided dense jig designed to sink erratically down through the water column. With upgraded, heavy-duty hardware you can take on anything from grouper, to amberjack, to tuna and many other large aggressive predators.

FK (Fall Killer) Jigs: Designed for speed jigging with a pumping and retrieve style action. This jig gets down to the strike zone quickly and has a side to side erratic action when jigged up from the depths. A great option for deep water jigging where an erratic action is a must.

SK Jigs: Designed to be fished similar to a yo-yo jig, the SK can be jigged up off the bottom or burned up from the depths. The unique swimming action of the jig allows you to kick and slap throughout the water column with nothing more than a straight retrieve, making it very easy to fish effectively.

SL (Semi Long) Jigs: Designed for vertical jigging, this jig gets down to the strike zone quickly and can be jigged up off the bottom. When getting down to the fish in a hurry is a must, this slim profile allows you to cut through the water column with ease and beat most other jigs down to the strike zone.

Rock Rover Jigs: Inchiku Style Jig with a sleek bullet design, gets the jig down quickly to the targeted strike zone. Multiple anchor points provide a selection of rigging options to achieve your desired presentation. The bait can be rigged to sink vertically, mimicking a yoyo jig- or rigged to fall flat with a side to side wobble for shallower water rock fishing.

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