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When it comes to fishing, the gear that we use is far broader than just the rods, reels, lines and lures. And there's a few items that regularly get overlooked. They are items, however that I think are essential when going fishing. Today we're going to have a look at some of those.

Tool Time

Looking after your gear on the water is a must-do and for that I love using waterproof containers. Now the first container I have loaded with all my tools and one of the first pair that you often reach for is pliers. And when it comes to pliers, I like to have a few different pairs. Now the first one is a good solid all-round pair. The second one is a pair of split ring pliers, essential for changing trebles. And third is one that is rarely seen on boats and it's a pair of these. A pair of surgical locking forceps.

Now these are great for reaching into a fish and getting those really tight stuck lures. Now after pliers, it's scissors and I love to have multiple pairs of braid scissors. Also in there I will have scents and a few other items.

Water Tight

Now the second container is where I will store my most expensive items, namely my car keys and mobile phone. Now this container needs to be completely waterproof and will stay leak-free even when submerged underwater. And here in addition to my keys and phone, I'll also have sunglasses, multiple pairs, and a pen and a notepad if I need to take down anything on the water.

Being Protected

Now the third container has perhaps the most number of items. The first one, we all know what this is, sunscreen. And I'll have many different tubes of that. Insect repellent, same deal, multiple tubes of. Paracetamol for when those headaches strike on the water.

A cake of soap for washing your hands, which can be very important. Not only when you get fish related stuff on it, but also if you need to work on the boat or trailer in any capacity. Keeping your hands clean and scent-free is really important. Now the other item I have is my rego papers for the boat and the trailer, just in case you get picked up by maritime.

Getting Charged

I'll also keep in here some electronics related items, namely a charge cable for my phone. I'll also keep some cleaning cloths. Now these can be used on your phone, your glasses and also your sounder the screen. And to clean the screen I use some of the special solution that they use. Of course, it's very similar to what you use to clean your glasses, your computer screen at home and of course your sounder and I'll have a few different cloths to do it. Both ones that have being used and brand new, in the packet.

Mapped Out

In addition to that, I also have an SD card that has all my mapping on it for my sounder in case the card I've got in there becomes corrupted. In addition to that, I'll have some Elastoplast, some batteries for the headlamp that I always carry in the boats. We know what it's like getting stuck out on the water after dark and having no lights. So they're a handy thing to have.

So there we are guys, some of the items that I think are essential to have on the water. Now I know not everybody can store all these items in their boats or in their bag. Hopefully, some of these items will help you when you're out there and make your day on the water more enjoyable and hopefully more fish-friendly.


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