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The Daiwa Presso Rolling Crank is one of Daiwa’s newer models in their vast range of finesse lures. It’s a tiny little crank that could be the difference between some good captures and a fishless day.

The Presso is a tiny 32mm crank that comes in two dive depths, the MR (reviewed) which dives to 1.3 metres and weighs 2.8 grams and the DR which dives to 2 metres and weighs 3.6 grams.

The model I had to review was the MR. At 2.8 grams this isn’t the kind of lure you’re going to enjoy using unless you have the right gear to cast it with. This lure is all about a finesse presentation and it needs a finesse outfit to be able to cast it out any decent distance.

A light rod of around 1-3kg and light line and leader are the tools required to effectively present the Presso.

The Presso offers up a tight wobble in its action and importantly retains a great action even at the slowest speeds.

With the excellent finesse and natural colour schemes available it’s a lure that lends itself well to marinas, estuaries and even moored boats. Where I found it to be ideal and a much-needed specific style of lure was while I was fishing the shallow flats of a secluded harbour in an open estuary. The water was very clear, very shallow and was full of fish. Almost every presentation I offered up just seemed to spook these very wily fish that were foraging across the shallow weed and shell beds. It’s very frustrating when you can see the fish but they won’t bite. I decided that I needed a much more finesse approach to these fish and dropped down to a 3lb fluorocarbon leader and tied on one of the little Presso Rolling Cranks. I had two colours I had been given to review and the Brown Iwashi looked the part so I gave it a go.

I instantly liked the very subtle action of the Presso and the fact it was very responsive to my rod movements. It lands very quietly and despite its small size offers good casting distance when compared with similar lures.

Importantly the bib catches the water quickly so you’re getting down in front of the fishes face rather than the lure swimming past the fish and the strike zone.


So 10 casts in with the Presso after about 100 with all manner of lure and I finally landed one. While you may feel that one fish isn’t much of an accomplishment, it managed to do what many other lures couldn’t and I’ll remember to pull it out when I’m in these situations in the future.

The Presso is a very effective shallow water hard body that is fun, yet challenging to use and possesses the attributes required to get spooky fish to make the strike.

They come in a great range of colours that are all suited to clear water and are perfect for when you’re wanting to offer a natural presentation.

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