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Surf fishing is very a very popular pastime for the majority of anglers, as most beaches are easily accessible and provide great opportunities for the whole family. There are many species to target from the beach; however, Salmon and tailor typically dominate my catches down here on the far south coast of NSW. Both of these species are fond of pilchard bait (whole) rigged on a set of ganged hooks. This is a large bait, and can be quite heavy when rigged with an appropriate size sinker. With this in mind, you will generally require a heavy rod to enable casting such large baits.

These days we are blessed with an assortment of surf fishing rods; and luckily, some are built with cutting edge technology that won’t break your budget…or your back! Rods such as the the new Sensor Wave series from Daiwa are a great example of this. Sensor Wave rods are seriously light and sensitive in hand, without compromising on quality. Even the heavy model (SW 122H) that I like to use for pitching large baits and heavy rigs is light enough to hold for long periods.

Daiwa Sensor Wave Surf Rod 02


Casting with the Sensor Wave is a pleasure, and they convey a forgiving bending action when loaded on a hard slogging fish. This is a great feature as it provides a small amount of shock absorption especially when using braided fishing line. They are an extremely comfortable rod to use, and even my six year old daughter manages to hold the rod-tip high when cranking in “surf beasties” such as Australian Salmon. With the salmon & tailor running hot along the south-east coast of Australia during the summer months, it may be worth investing in one of the new Sensor Wave rods. There are three models to choose from, (Light – medium – heavy) and will suit any scenario from catching whiting to mulloway … and everything else in between.

I rate them highly!

Daiwa Sensor Wave Surf Rod 01

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