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It is time to dust off my New Era NE6 Rod again along with the New Era 5/6 reel, spooled with the floating line and a 4 to 6lb tippet and go hit the estuary systems or rock ledges in NSW for some blackfish on fly.

I am pretty excited since last year was my first time experiencing catching blackfish on fly.

For those that forget I will re-cap the rig that we had used. The rig is simply a leader tipped with 4 or 6 lb tied to the fly with one or two very small split shots to get the fly to sink about 15 centimetres above the fly and most important of all a floating strike indicator (the best ones I have found so far are the sticky ones you fold over) attached at the top of the leader. Use your rod to load up once the strike indicator disappears. Blackfish fight well and particularly in current so be sure to have a steady drag set and be ready for some fun.

New Era Blackfish 02

It will depend which system and areas you are fishing. You will just need to go and fish by trial and error and start noting your times that you are either seeing them or catching them. From here you will work out the best bite times.

If fishing an estuary system the idea is to stand perpendicular to the current and cast 45 degrees or so up current and have the fly waft down current naturally. Usually by the time the fly is level with you it should be at the right depth and between there and 45 degrees down current is when you get the bight. It is a case of watching the strike indicator and it will start to pull away from you across the current and sometimes down and away under the water. Then simply set the hook.

You simply work a “run” like you might for Trout. Five or ten casts trying to have that fly drift down as natural as possible and then work another section. The flies are pretty simple and easily found online or tied yourself.

New Era Blackfish 01

So get on the water with your fly rod and give it a go this season.

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