How to Tie a Double Uni Knot- Daiwa Tech Tip

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Today we're going to be running you through how to tie a double uni knot. This is a leader to mainline knot. It's a very quick, very simple, very easy knot to do, and it can be done pretty much anywhere.

The Main Event

So today I'm going to be using some 20-pound mainline. This is J-Braid Grand, and I'm going to be using some 30 pound J-Thread leader. I typically don't use it up to these weights in line, because it gets a bit bulky. I typically use it up to about 10 to 15 pounds, and that's about it. So to start off with, we're just going to overlap the two lines, just like that. And we'll start off with the mainline, the braid. So we're going to just make a nice circle there of the mainline, and then we're going to thread the bit of a tag end that we've got there around the leader and through that circle that we created about eight times or so.

Pull it Down

So we've got the eight times there, and then we're just going to slowly pull it down just like that. You can see it all winding into each other and just before we get to a cinch, we're just going to give it a bit of moisture so it doesn't burn. Then we can tighten that down most of the way, and we're going to flip it around and do the exact same thing with the leader. Making a circle going around the mainline and through the circle we just made, about eight times as well.

It's a Cinch

And then again, we're just going to slowly pull that down. You can see it all winding in on itself. And then again just before cinch, we're going to give it a bit of moisture, and then we'll pull that most of the way down. And then, as you can see, we're just going to then pull slowly the two knots together. Just like that, the leader still has a bit to come down, but that'll all pull in when they hit each other. So then, that's them there. Then we're just going to pull it tight. So then there's both those knots are together now, and then we're just going to cinch the tag ends now. So we'll start off with the leader, and then we'll do the main line.

Getting a Trim

So that's a cinch knot just there now, we're going to just cut the tag ends off and we're all done. So when you cut the tag ends off, you don't want to chop them fully flush because there may be a little bit of movement in it. So we'll just make sure there's a bit of malleable sort of tag in there. Beauty. And there we have it. A double uni knot.


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