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Learning how to cast a surf and beach rod is a skill that you need to learn. Technique over trying to muscle a cast is the key to success.  So today we are just casting some small metal lures, like so. I'm using a 10 foot rod with just a 4000 size reel.

So, generally when you are casting these lures you really want to hold firm to the rod and also have the line under control, under that finger.

So when you actually shoot forward you can actually let go on time and always focus on where you cast as well. So when casting you want to swing the lure back and bring it forward.

Push and Pull

So you want a pull and push motion. With a pull from underneath the rod and also a push from the top so you get that good swing.

Once you load the rod up the lure should go flying out there and should get you fishing. So with the pull and push motion, how you want to do it is.....

You want to have one arm on the bottom, one arm up the top and you want to pendulum your lure outwards. Once it is out you pull down with your left hand or if you are casting on the other side, it will be your right hand.

And then you want to push forward. So i'm just going to demonstrate this for you. So, as you can see I gave a pull and then a push forward and that will help you load up the rod properly.


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