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Everyone would love to own the perfect rod for each fishing scenario that they come across, but in reality for most this is but a financially constrained pipedream. Most people when they are looking for a rod need something that they can use in many locations and for a variety of species. The Generation Black Deepstriker 703mlfs has been a rod that seems to fit this bill perfectly. From flicking lures on tropical flats a to bread and butter situations like bait fishing for King George whiting the Deepstriker seems to always be front and centre in my arsenal in recent times.


It’s just slightly heavier than what I would specifically use to throw bream lures in a tournament situation but would handle such as task for the average angler with no problems. Because it is slightly heavier though it covers and absolute myriad of angling possibilities that involve not only luring but bait fishing techniques.…particularly ones where you may encounter something a little bigger than your target species.   Three piece composition of the rod doesn’t compromise effectiveness on the water. Years ago I was always a one piece rod fan but I’ve been happily using the three piece deep striker here locally, as well as in travel situations. In those travel situations it comes with an attractive black vinyl case that easily can sneak in amongst the rest of the family holiday luggage, or a nook in the back of the car, without looking to obtrusive.


Like all the Generation Black series not only is it an awesome piece of rod development for the price, it looks and feels great too with its matt black appearance and quality componentry. So if you’re looking to treat yourself with a useful and flexible Christmas present, why not look at a Generation Black Deepstriker, I’m sure you will be able to put it to great use over the course of the new year.

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