Product Focus: Five Reasons You Need A Demon Blood 72MH

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Written by Mark Gercovich. Summer is here and the kingfish are beginning to show up all along the Victorian coast. Also the summer, stick-bait eating, inshore tuna have turned up again in Sth West Victoria. If you want to get amongst the action here’s five reasons why you need a Daiwa demon blood 72MH to be your weapon of choice.

They’re light : Chasing these species can lead to plenty of casting. A rod that is not heavy and cumbersome to use is vital. They are light and well balanced for a rod that can pull 3-5 PE. They are so light and easy to manage even my kids have had no worries using them to knock over big fish.


They’re strong: Despite being light and comfortable to use they have some serious pulling power. When you are trying to stop a king getting to the bottom or have a bluefin doing circles under the boat you will appreciate this strength.

They’re durable: My Demon bloods have a hard life; we do a lot of banging and bashing around the southern ocean in smallish open boats. They have also survived many travel journey’s and airport baggage handlers; the two piece design of the rod is great for traveling but doesn’t compromise performance.


They cast well: Long casting is a key element of surface pelagic fishing and the Demon blood handles this well. It’s decent length, good taper, the ability throw big lures and no wobble on delivery are all key elements of an efficient casting rod.


They’re Daiwa: Myself and many of my kingy/tuna casting companions have used the Demon blood series for years, across 2 models. Matched with a quality Daiwa reel in the 4000 to 4500 size and you have a combination you know will be reliable for years to come.

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