Product Focus: Aird X - A Sweet Combo! 702LFS - 2500SH

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I was introduced to the Aird rods and reels a few years back, and couldn’t believe how well they performed for their price tag. Well, we are now blessed with the Aird X range…and guess what…they perform even better!

One combo that I have been using lately is the 702LFS spin rod (3-5kg) and the 2500SH reel, which I have spooled with 6lb J-Braid. This combo is suited to tackle all your typical light-game species such as flathead, bream and bass; however, I’ve also discovered this combo to be quite the weapon for chasing impoundment natives like golden perch.


The rod has enough stick to cast and work those heavier lures such as large vibration baits, whilst remaining soft enough to arc nicely when loaded up on a hard fighting fish. I found this rod to provide great sensitivity, and felt comfortable in hand. In fact, I did have some “high-end” rods with me on my latest golden perch pursuit but I chose to use the Aird X due to its performance. The reel – how the heck did Daiwa cram “ten ball bearings” into this reel! Seriously…this reel is as smooth as silk and sexy to boot! I was also impressed with the drag system in the new Aird X, as the original aird did have a tendency to be a little sticky. The addition of an EVA reel handle knob is a cool touch, and that gold colour just screams class! My fishing buddies were also impressed with the aesthetics and performance of my ARID X combo: and I regularly found myself swapping rods with my mates so they too could have a crack with my new toy.


The best thing about this combo is the price tag. It’s just so affordable! I have been fortunate enough to play with all the great products that Daiwa develop and produce; however, I can’t get over how well this combo performs for such a minimal outlay. You’re going to be hearing a lot more about this rod from me in the near future!


My honest opinion – outstanding value for money! Check out the full specifications via the Daiwa website. AB

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