Daiwa Fishing Tips: Starting with Squid – Marc Ainsworth

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Involving family in fishing is a great way to spend more time on the water yourself and share the joys of the great outdoors with people close to you.

I’ve introduced numerous family and friends to fishing by spinning for trout in streams, yabbying in farm dams, gar fishing with floats and chasing whiting in Western Port.

But none come close to squid as an outstanding species for ‘beginner’ fishers.



Here’s why:

  • They’re an inshore species – squid are accessible. Yes, a boat helps, but catching squid from the shores of Port Phillip Bay, or its piers, is really productive. Some people even specialise in land-based squid fishing.
  • The gear is simple – a handline will do. Just ask the old-timers! But a simple spinning outfit with 8lb mono will still do the job. Yes, nice gear and a smooth drag will make catching a big squid easier, but basic gear is just fine, especially when drifting from a boat with 3 or 4 rods out the back.
  • It’s visual – on a sunny day over shallow ground, watching squid follow a jig is really entertaining. Kids love it! Floats can be a ‘low-maintenance’ way to fish, especially over heavy weed. And there’s just something engaging about watching floats and realising one of them aint there anymore!
  • They’re fun – squid ink aint pretty, but it sure makes for some laughs, good memories and great photos for Facebook. Keep them in a big esky full of water and the kids can watch them up close. David Attenborough would be proud!
  • It’s year round – sure, there are seasons when squid go nuts in particular places, but they really are a year-round option. Just rug up if taking beginners out in winter!
  • They taste great – shallow fried with chilli and garlic or deep fried as rings, there are few amongst my clan who don’t love a feed of fresh squid.
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