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Casting for Murray Cod and Golden Perch is a great way to chase these natives and while plenty of monsters come from the depths, it’s worth remembering that the shallows can yield results too!

On a recent trip to a new stretch of water, we spent 100% of the session casting in water less than 1.2 metres deep. We landed three cod, two goldens and had two hits. The best of the cod measured 76cm. Not bad for water that plenty of people would dismiss!

Here are a few tips for casting the shallows:

  1. Choose the right lure – A wide action and nothing that gets too deep! Ploughing the bottom isn’t going to catch you fish. Much better to come over the top of them with something shallower! After all, cod’s eyes are actually more on top of their head so they’re designed to look up.
  2. Think like an explorer – this is ‘Captain Cook’ stuff. Be prepared to do the hard yards. Bashing into unseen logs comes with the turf! Constantly check your sounder and recognise you’ll be fishing for only part of the time.
  3. Accept the weed – lures will get weeded often and not just from stuff growing on the bottom. Shallows are popular with swans and they just love uprooting strap weed. Use your rod tip to guide your braid in between visible surface weed and slow down your retrieve to come over the top of weed rather than through it.
  4. Lift the electric – set the motor shallow so there’s just enough of the prop in the water to grab the propeller. And tilt the outboard up too, but leave a little of its keel in the water. It’ll improve boat manoeuvrability by giving the stern some traction in the water.
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