DAIWA FISHING TIPS: Do I need a dedicated Egi outfit? Jason Linardos

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Since the Egi craze hit our shores squid fishing has well and truly cemented itself as one of our favourite forms of fishing. We all know the importance of a good quality jig when targeting this amazing species but a question that many anglers are asking themselves now is “Do I need a proper squid outfit?”. If it was up to me I would say there is no other answer than YES and I couldn’t imagine targeting squid without one. Many anglers though aren’t convinced. Sure the old fibreglass whiting rod will do the trick and you will catch a few squid. But ideally you want to get the correct gear for the job. So here’s a couple of reasons as to why you might want to include an Egi outfit into your arsenal.

Originally when these long stiff rods and shallow spooled eva handled reels came on to the market I too was sceptical as to their necessity. But when you get your hands on one and try one out you will see what all the fuss is about. Most Egi fishing scenarios are open vast reef and weed grounds and the ability to cast great distances is what helps you cover a lot more ground with your squid Jig. Covering ground is what is going to help you search an area properly and make sure you are getting within their field of vision.

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The stiffness is also a key factor and the ability to impose short sharp darts of the jig is where a soft floppy rod will fail. Long butt sections also help to balance out the length and allow you to grab it with your second hand to put more aggression into your sharp lifts. The reels often feature one or sometimes two round EVA handles. The added size and length of the handle really makes it easier to rip and burn when implementing your aggressive retrieve. It really feels much more balanced and free flowing and puts less fatigue on the angler.

Overall I think many anglers will still be skeptical as to how important it is for them go out and get themselves a Squid outfit. But I have a good feeling the ones who do will be glad they did.

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