Casting is a Dream

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By Ben Weston.

When you are blessed as I am to have the opportunity to use the finest fishing gear in the world, you actually tend to forget how superior this stuff actually is!

My young cousin Sean recently made the trek 700kms down from Townsville in North Queensland to spend the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC with me here in Emu Park.

Arriving a smidge after lunch on Friday and after a lengthy period twisting his arm we ventured out behind Great Keppel Island for a short jaunt, with the intention of coming up tight on a few pelagics.


Sean had been off the tools (for a better word) for a while and was eager to wrestle with a few locals. The trip out was something you would see in the movies, milk pond like conditions, complete glass off.

Upon arriving at ‘the spot’ I handed Sean my favourite casting outfit. A Generation Black ‘SUPERCASTA’ with a 3000H TD Sol II mounted on it. This outfit is a weapon and has accounted for its fair share of pelagic species without missing a beat.

I gave Sean clear instructions, cast into that massive bait school, let the slug sink counting to 10 and crank the thing back like you have never wound before. You wouldn’t read about it but first cast Sean puts a presentable arch in the Gen Black and minutes after he easily accounted for a feisty little mackerel.


Before the day come to a close I distinctly remember a comment my cousin made. “Gee Ben these things cast like a dream”, whilst I smirked and agreed with him I was left to ponder.

When you consistently using top shelf gear trip in, trip out its easy to overlook the small, distinctive characteristics which set them apart from the rest. I suppose, like a reliable car or outboard you just take advantage of the quality and reliability of the gear that links you to the fish and its ability to get the job done.

Sometimes it takes someone who doesn’t use it to inadvertently remind you of the quality of equipment you use. I have been a long time user of Daiwa’s gear, but subtle little reminders like these make you acknowledge that you’re using the finest fishing equipment in the world and that you’d would never look back.

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