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I was pretty happy with the results at the first round of the ABT over the weekend.

I wasn’t quite ruthless enough for the win and didn’t quite feel 100% in the game, but I made the most of what I had and ended up with a good result!

Massive congrats To Mark Crommo on his win, great call on a tough bite and awesome to see someone who had travel the distance get a result!

As always, it was a great comp and the Tweed definitely made everyone work for it.


With the mixed water quality I found a variety of lures worked in different situations, Ecogear Bream prawns, Zman Crusteaz, Daiwa Presso Rolling Cranks and Cranka crabs all accounted for fish through the weekend and everything apart from the Bream Prawns got covered in Pro-Cure Blue crab scent.

I’m really getting into the Daiwa Commander series rods at the moment. With the insanely timid bite over the weekend the AGS guides just give you that little extra feel that lets you know what’s happening down there – even when using straight through Fluorocarbon.

Well done to all the other competitors, and thanks again to ABT for another great Tournament and for the photos.

You can see the full results for the event and more pics here

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