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Wise Minnow 50SP

By Andrew Badullovich

The market conveys a vast selection of hard bodied lures these days, in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some are expensive, and some are not worth the box that they are packed in. Most will catch fish; however, there seems to be a few firm favourites out there in which anglers will call upon to get the job done with confidence. One such lure that I fish with confidence, is the Wise Minnow.


This lure has been around for a while, but suddenly disappeared from the market. The “old” WM was a sinking lure, and was great for fast flowing water or working deep water. The resurrection of the new and improved WM got me a little excited, as it is now a suspending model! This is great news for the southern black bream angler, but also for any angling situation that requires a paused presentation.


I have been twitching and pausing the new WM off edges and snags with braided line, whilst also cranking it upon the flats with straight through fluorocarbon. The lure dives around one meter in depth, and suspends as good as any “high-end” lure that I have used. I really dig the lure’s wide wobbling action on a straight retrieve.


The colour scheme is spot on, and most of your favourite bream colours have been incorporated within the range. At 50mm long, I believe it is just the right size to temp those wary or “shut-down” fish. They also cast well for a lure that only weighs 3 grams. These features make selecting this lure a wise choice, when the bite is tough!

I have caught all your typical estuarine species with the WM, including luderick! I’m also confident this will be a great trout lure too.


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